Welcome to visitors from the Netherlands and Luxembourg!

The LocaBriques API

What's this API for?

Connect more easily to you and the community

LocaBriques offers a REST API that provides access to most* of the data manipulated on the site, with access rights management to ensure confidentiality.

This API allows you to take advantage of our services by developing your own tools, rather than browsing the site's pages. The more technology-oriented among you will find it an interesting way of enhancing your experience of LocaBriques.

This API also makes it easier for us to integrate our services with other sites in the brick fan community. Over time, we'll see what possibilities this opens up.

As of July 14, 2024, the API can only be to manipulate shops, products, and LEGO® related databases.

How does it work?

To your keyboards!

Some of the data can be manipulated without authentication. This data is the same as that accessible to any visitor to the site. To access the restricted data, the first step is to create an API key, which will enable you to access our services without going through the site pages. To do this, go to your account management page, under "Settings".

Once you've got your key, you can consult the technical documentation and let your imagination run wild!

The following limitations are in place for interacting with the API :

  • Anonymous requests (without API key) : 100 / day
  • Authenticated requests : 1000 / day

Feel free to contact us if they're not enough for your needs.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide clarification, or listen to your your suggestions for upgrading this API, which has been set up first and foremost for your benefit!