Privacy and data protection policy

LocaBriques is committed to protecting your privacy.

Our privacy statement contains important information about your use of the website: the user must know exactly how and for what purposes his or her personal data will be used website: users must know exactly how and for what purposes their personal data will be used in order to be able to accept and validate their consent in full knowledge of the facts.


1. Navigation on the website

When a Visitor browses the Site, the Company records and keeps browsing logs that associate the Visitor's IP address with the pages he or she visits.

When a User connected to his account browses the Site, the Company records and keeps browsing logs that associate the Visitor's IP address, his user account identifier and the pages he visits.

This data is kept for a period of 1 year from the date of recording, and may be used by the Company in the event of a dispute with a User or legal proceedings following an attempt at fraudulent access to the Company's computer systems.

This data is stored by the Company, either on servers rented from OVH (2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix 1007), or at the manager's home, whose address is specified in the legal page, on a dedicated storage device disconnected from the Internet.

2. Registration on the website

When a Visitor wishes to register on the Site to become a User, LocaBriques collects an e-mail address, a user name and a password. The required data is necessary to manage the account and to ensure the necessary contacts between the Company and the User.

Additional personal data may be entered by the User when registering:

These data are optional for Site registration, but must be provided in order to benefit from certain Services (see chapter 3 below).

The user name will be accessible to other Users on certain pages of the Site. It must therefore be chosen with full knowledge of the facts by the User, who is not obliged to choose a user name in line with his or her identity.

If the User defines a default postal address, the city will be visible to other Users on the profile consultation page.

The password chosen by the User guarantees the confidentiality of the information associated with his/her account. The User therefore undertakes to use a strong, unique password, which he/she will not transmit or communicate to a third party. The Site imposes rules of robustness when choosing a password, but these can in no way be considered as a guarantee of the security of the User's data.

Failing this, the Company cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to a User's personal area.

User passwords are not stored on the Company's information systems, which only retain a numerical condensation of them (algorithm pbkdf2_sha256 with 260000 iterations and salting). The Company is therefore unable to provide Users with their passwords, and will never ask for them.

Except in the case of rental (see below), this data is never passed on to a third party.

3. Data required for certain Services

If the User wishes to open a Shop or register an Order, he/she must provide additional personal information: title, surname, first name, date of birth, telephone number and postal address. The date of birth, which must be exact, is only used to verify that the User is over 18 years of age. It is not passed on to other users. The User's personal information will be visible to the tenants or owners with whom he/she is renting. It will also be transmitted to Swikly, Stripe and MondialRelay for operations that require it.

You can access their data protection policies here:

The opening of a Shop also requires the User to provide bank account identification information (IBAN, BIC) from which the Owner will receive income from the rental of his Products. The IBAN and BIC are transmitted to Stripe for the purpose of transferring profits, but are not transmitted to other users.

The User undertakes, in accordance with chapter 3 of the General Terms of Use, to provide true, accurate, current and complete information, and to update this information when necessary.

This information will be used to draw up rental contracts between the Customer and the Owner. It will also be used to organize the outward and return deliveries of the Products by the delivery service chosen by the Company, namely Mondial Relay. In application of the 3DS 2.0 standard, and to enable anti-fraud controls, this data must also be transmitted to our payment (Stripe) and deposit (Swikly) service providers.

Consequently, by registering or accepting an Order, the User accepts that his/her personal information may be transmitted to the Customer or Owner concerned, as well as to the service providers specified above.

The city entered in the Shop address will be visible to all Visitors on the Shop consultation page, as well as on the page listing all existing Shops.

4. Personal area content

The personal area allows the User to consult and follow all his Orders made on the Site.

Pages relating to personal areas may be freely printed out by the account holder in question, but in no way constitute evidence admissible in a court of law. They are for information purposes only and are intended to ensure the efficient management of the Customer's Orders.

LocaBriques undertakes to keep securely all contractual elements (in particular the rental contract and proofs of payment) whose retention is required by the law or regulations in force.

5. Deleting personal area

LocaBriques reserves the right to delete the account of any User who contravenes the General Conditions of Use or when the personal space of a User has remained inactive for at least one year. Such deletion shall not constitute a fault on the part of the Company or a loss for the excluded Customer, who shall not be entitled to claim any compensation as a result.

The deletion of an account may also be decided at any time by the User, in accordance with chapter 4.2 of the General Terms of Use.

6. Data retention and security

Users' personal data is stored on a virtual private server leased from OVH.

The server is administered by the Company's manager, who ensures that it is kept up to date in order to limit any risk of fraudulent access. The software used is from the open-source community, renowned for its security, and regularly updated. The Company applies best practices in server and data security.

However, the Company cannot be held liable in the event of a security problem at the hosting company, leading to the theft of Users' personal data.

The Company's manager keeps a copy and archives of the database at his home, on dedicated equipment and disconnected from the Internet (except during copying).

6. Information on cookies used and their purpose

The Site does not use any activity tracking or advertising cookies.

The only cookie used is a session cookie, mandatory for the proper functioning of the site, and recognized as outside the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We do not use any third-party services for tracking user activity, audience measurement, etc.

7. Newsletter

The company collects your data in order to process your request to subscribe to our newsletter and to contact you by e-mail on a regular basis. The data requested is necessary to contact you and is reserved for the exclusive use of our company. Under no circumstances will it be passed on to third parties.

8. Contact page form

The company collects your data in order to process your contact request. The data requested is necessary to ensure follow-up and to contact you, and is reserved for the exclusive use of the company. Under no circumstances will it be passed on to third parties.

9. Right of access, rectification and opposition

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, Users have the right to oppose, question, access and rectify the data they have provided. To do so, they simply need to send a request to LocaBriques at the following e-mail address: or by post to the Company's head office address mentioned in the site's legal notice.

10. Respecting the purpose of personal data collection

The personal data collected are subject to computer processing and are exclusively reserved for LocaBriques. The data collected is necessary for the proper administration of the Site. LocaBriques undertakes not to use them for any other purpose or to pass them on to third parties, except with the express agreement of the Users or in cases provided for by law. The personal data collected will not be transferred abroad..

11. Optional nature of data supply

The provision of personal information is not essential for browsing the Site.

Only an e-mail address, a password and a user name are required to register on the Site.

The provision of personal data is essential for access to certain Services, in particular the opening of a Shop or the registration of an Order.