Latest modifications

On this page you'll find the latest changes we've made to the site!


Add a set not available : Owners can now add a set to their inventory without making it immediately available for rental.


Searches improvement : Product and shop searches have been improved: when searching for several terms, we now filter the results containing each term separately, rather than sequentially. For example, a search for "Harry Potter Castle" will now return all products containing the terms "Castle", "Harry" and "Potter" (i.e. around ten results), rather than products containing "Harry Potter Castle" (i.e. no results).


Free of charges order extension : Free of charges order extension was not working properly. It's now fixed !

Refresh benefits estimations : Estimated revenues for a product are automatically refreshed when you change its weight or rent. There is now also a button to do this manually.

Undo/Redo in inventories : The counting tool already allowed you to cancel the 5 most recent actions if you made a mistake. It can now be used to redo these actions if the cancellation was an error.


"Add to cart" button : The 'Add to cart' button now uses an icon instead of text

Home page indicators : Modification of the "Our service in figures" indicators on the home page to make them more representative.


Searchable FAQ : You can now search for questions in our FAQ. If nothing matches, you'll be invited to contact us !


Improved locker delivery support : The choice of a locker by a customer or owner for a delivery is better highlighted: an exclamation mark icon is displayed on the order follow-up page, and the shipment preparation modal now shows only the dimensions suitable for the type of relay point chosen.


Counting aid tool - scroll on cancel : When you cancel an action on an inventory, we scroll down the window so that the part is displayed on the screen, and we temporarily add an orange border. This makes it easier for you to see what has been canceled.


Manual modification of set weight : Owners can now freely modify the weight of a set. We always propose the weight we find on the "brickset" reference base, but if an owner measures a different weight, he can adapt it.


weekly rental : It is now possible to rent products for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. The base rent of a product remains defined for one month, and a factor of 25%, 50% or 75% will be applied.

Number of pieces per color : Inventories now show the number of pieces held / total for each color


Comment in coupons : Owners can now define a comment for their coupons, to make it easier to keep track of them.

hand delivery : LocaBriques now allows renters and owners to opt for hand delivery of rented products. Find out more in the renter's guide and owner's guide.

Private comment about product : Owners can now add a private comment to their products (sets, MOC, bulk or other), visible only to them, to make it easier to follow them.


Shop language : Owners can now define a language for their store, in which they will write their main description, comments on their sets, and descriptions of their miscellaneous products. This language can be different from the owner's default language. It is used to display translation buttons only if the store language is different from the visitor's language.

Parts sorting in inventories : Inventories can now be sorted by type or number (for each color), not just by number.


Inventory rollback : Your can now cancel up to your last 5 actions when using our counting aid tool


Cancelation notification : When an order is cancelled, a notification is now sent to those concerned, informing them of the cancellation and the reason for it.

"New products" emails : When an owner adds bulk, MOCs or other miscellaneous products to their inventory, these are now included in the daily e-mail (which previously only concerned sets).


"They talk about us" on reviews page : On the customer reviews page, we're adding a section to list the websites that mention us (either on their own or after a free rental).


Order extension : Owners can now extend orders by themselves, specifying a new rental end date and an additionnal amount agreed with the renter. Renter will be able to make a new payment and secure a new deposit on the website.