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As a LocaBriques user, you can rent products from private individuals, or offer your own sets for rental.

Our catalogs of sets or LightMyBricks®' light kits or MOC, bulk parts and others are at your disposal to find the products you want, among all the products offered by our owners.

Would you like to offer your sets for rental? It's simple: just open a shop on the website for free, and declare your sets and other produts. They will then be immediately added to the catalogs.

Securing exchanges

Exchange serenely

We are aware of the risk involved in renting to strangers items that are dear to you and/or expensive, or paying money to someone you don't know. We implement a series of measures to help you enjoy our services as serenely as possible :

  • A rental contract for each order, which mentions the identity of both and the owner, and is signed online by both parties
  • A deposit secured on the renter's bank account. In the event of non return the products, the owner recovers the amount of the deposit, which should help him to repurchase the product.
  • A system of assessment of our renters and owners, so you know who you're dealing with.

More information in our General Terms and Conditions of Rental.


Disassemble, drop, wait

Before each shipment, we ask you (unless otherwise agreed with the store) to completely disassemble the products and separate parts by color. This facilitates construction for tenants, and counting for owners.

Products are delivered and returned by hand or by MondialRelay.

You choose your favourite relay point, and we'll generate the labels for you! You just have to drop off the parcel at a pick-up point, or wait for us to let you know that your parcel has arrived. Or exchange hand-to-hand!

Costs transparency

No hidden fees

As soon as your cart is filled, we display the exact cost of your order.

If you're an owner, you know exactly how much you'll receive for accepting a customer's order.

We apply the following rules for setting prices:

  • LocaBriques charges a 15% commission on each transaction (price of products + price of any options) ;
  • Shipping charges are those of MondialRelay, we take no margin;
  • The renter pays for the outward shipping, the owner pays for the return shipping.

Here again, more details in our General rental conditions. We ever tell you it's important to read them at least once? :)

Support at every step

We're with you every step of the way

Every order on LocaBriques follows an identical process that ensures everyone enjoys the best possible experience:

  • Decision support when choosing a store or validating an order
  • Automatic (but customizable) generation of a rental contract with online signature by both parties
  • Guarantee deposit facilitated by Swikly
  • services.
  • Online payment directly on the website
  • MondialRelay delivery with automatic label generation and shipment tracking
  • Taking into account the right of cancellation legally given to the renter
  • Owner compensation in the event of lost or damaged parts
  • Exchange of reviews on products, stores, owners and renters