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Rivendell in Bricks: a fascinating exploration of the new Lord of the Rings LEGO® set

Welcome, travelers of Middle-earth! Have you ever dreamed of entering the majestic gates of Rivendell (or Fondcombe for the French version), the last welcoming home before the wilderness? Thanks to the new LEGO® set, this dream is now within reach... or rather, within reach of your bricks!

In this article, we dive into the fantastic world of The Lord of the Rings, through the prism of LEGO® bricks. You'll discover everything you need to know about this breathtaking set, from the number of pieces to the LightMyBricks® light kit that makes it glow in the dark. So get ready for an adventure in bricks and magic!

Why Rivendell?

Rivendell is more than just a place in the Lord of the Rings universe. It's a sanctuary of wisdom and beauty, a haven of peace amid chaos. And now, thanks to the magic of LEGO®, this iconic place comes to life before your very eyes, one brick at a time.

Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings universe

Tolkien's world revisited

Before diving into the plastic world, it's essential to understand the role Rivendell plays in the world imagined by J.R.R. Tolkien. Located in a hidden valley, Rivendell is often called "the last welcoming home before the wilderness". It is a place of knowledge, wisdom, and above all, refuge from the dark forces that threaten Middle-earth.

Elven sanctuary

Rivendell is also the home of Elrond, the wise and powerful Elf lord. This place is a fascinating blend of nature and Elven architecture, a combination that has been beautifully captured by the LEGO® set. If you're a fan of the trilogy or the books, this set is like a secret passageway into this fantastic world.

Tip: If you haven't explored the Lord of the Rings universe, now's the perfect time to dive into the books or films!

Set features: Brick treasure

Number of pieces: A challenge worthy of the name

With a total of 6167 pieces, this set is not for the faint-hearted. It's a real construction challenge, but well worth the effort. Each piece contributes to creating a detailed replica of Rivendell that would be worthy of inclusion in any Lord of the Rings collection.

To put things in perspective, the entire Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter® has 6020 pieces. Rivendell surpasses even this giant!

Minifigs: Heroes in miniature

The set includes 15 minifigs, from Elves to Hobbits, and even a few surprise guests. Each character is a work of art in its own right, with incredible detail on costumes and accessories.

Dimensions and weight: a monument in miniature

When assembled, the set measures 39 x 72 x 50 cm and weighs approximately 6.89 kg. It's not just a toy, it's a centerpiece that deserves a prominent place in your living space.

Note: Make sure you have enough space to display this marvel. It's big, it's heavy, but oh boy, is it beautiful!

Technical aspects: The know-how behind the bricks

Difficulty Level: A challenge for master builders

If you're looking for a LEGO® project that will keep you on your toes for hours, you've come to the right place. This set brings together innovative building techniques, from natural areas with beautiful efforts on texture effects and angles to buildings that wonderfully reproduce the rendering of elven architecture. This is no child's play, this is an epic quest in bricks!

Estimated assembly time: patience and perseverance

The average time required to assemble this set is around ten hours. Yes, you read that right. It's almost like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy in its extended version, only much more interactive!

Les étapes de la construction : Un voyage en plusieurs actes

The instruction manual is your best friend. It's clear, detailed, and full of tips to help you navigate through this complex challenge. And full of little references to the Tolkien universe.

You'll start with the foundations, followed by the architectural structures, and finally, the floral details and accessories. Construction is divided into three distinct, detachable parts, each with its theme and its own set of details.

You're now armed with all the technical knowledge you need to conquer this LEGO® Rivendell set. In the next part, we'll delve into the magical details that make this set a true work of art.

Magic in the Details: Where every brick tells a story

Elven architecture: A masterpiece in miniature

One of the most impressive aspects of this ensemble is the way it captures the very essence of Rivendell's elven architecture. From delicate arches to miniature waterfalls, every element is a feat of design and engineering.

The arches are particularly noteworthy. They use an advanced construction technique involving angular pieces, creating a realistic curving effect.

Little extras: don't miss the little touches like elven lanterns and stone sculptures. They add an extra layer of realism to the whole.

The flora of Rivendell: A brick garden

What sets Rivendell apart is its harmony with nature. This LEGO® set is no exception. You'll find a variety of plants, trees, and flowers, all made from bricks!

Trees are designed with foliage pieces that can be oriented in different ways, allowing you to customize your elven landscape.

Accessories: small but mighty

The set also comes with a range of accessories that add a touch of magic to your creation. From elven swords to ancient books, these little items are the icing on the cake.

Each accessory, each detail, is a window into the history and culture of Rivendell. It's as if each brick has its own story to tell.

The LightMyBricks® Light Kit: a luminous immersion in Rivendell

Light up your elven valley

The LightMyBricks® light kit for the Lord of the Rings Rivendell LEGO® set is a real revolution. It includes 37 individual LEDs that highlight the incredible details of this epic set. Want Rivendell's water to sparkle like in the movies? This kit has just what you need.

Several bright blue LEDs are included to bring the water details to life. They are connected to a pulsating effects board to make the water sparkle just like on the screen.

An authentic glow

The cinematic realism doesn't stop there. The entire scene is bathed in an authentic moonlight glow, thanks to a range of cool white LEDs strategically placed around the construction.

Plug and Play

This light kit is extremely user-friendly. It comes with detailed, step-by-step instructions, so any LEGO® fan can light up their set without needing any knowledge of electronics.

The addition of this light kit transforms your Rivendell LEGO® set into an illuminated work of art, capturing the essence of this magical place.


Ultimately, the LEGO® Rivendell set is a multi-faceted experience that transcends simple brick building. It's aimed primarily at builders aged 18 and over, offering a stimulating challenge that goes beyond assembling parts. It's an invitation to dive into a fantasy world, appreciate the art of design, and awaken your creativity.

Cost can be an obstacle, especially if you're thinking of buying. However, renting via LocaBriques offers an affordable alternative for those who want a taste of the experience without making a financial commitment.

But it's not just a building set; it's also a work of art, an educational tool, and a gateway to the imagination. Whether you're a Lord of the Rings fan, a LEGO® enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a creative challenge, Rivendell has something to offer.

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